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What's up with the quotes?

“What’s up with the pizza box quotes?”


This is a question we get asked a lot. Almost as often as getting asked how big a 16” pizza is (but we’ll save that for another day). So pizza box quotes, or #pizzaboxquotes if you will. Short answer: they are our way of spreading some positivity in our corner of the world, and yes they are all handwritten.


Long answer… This was Lewis’ idea, before we even opened. We had gotten Thai food one night working late on the NH location. While comparing our fortune cookies Lewis threw out how cool it would be to do something similar with pizza. Why should Asian food have the monopoly on giving life advice? Although, various tea bags and Dove chocolate have also ventured down that path.


We started thinking about how to make it happen. Do we do the same thing and print quotes on slips of paper and put it in the box? But what if it ends up in the cheese? (shudder). Do we contact a company who prints pizza boxes for custom prints (but then it will only be one quote per couple thousand, and the $$$?!). It really only left one idea. We write the quotes on the inside cover of the box so when someone opens it, SURPRISE! Fun advice. Something to make you think, or better yet, laugh. A short phrase to make you smile. Something good to go with your pizza.


The idea was to keep the quotes short and fun, but let’s be honest--we all have ups and downs in life, and the pizza boxes reflect that. Example: one of our employees at her other job was talking to a customer about her major in college. Art. The guy had the gall to question her about her life path, what she would possibly do with an art degree, and how she would pay bills with it. When she got to NHPC and was quoting, her boxes were an assortment of Your passion will lead to your purpose and Do what you love. Love what you do and one of my personal faves Build a life you don’t need a vacation from. And so the organic and truthful and relevant #pizzaboxquotes were born. Side note: she’s one of the most creative and talented artists I know. She’s going to be wildly successful, just wait.


Initially our plan was to do the quotes only when it was on the slow side and we had extra time. But then we had customers telling us Pizza was delicious as always but I was bummed when I didn’t get a quote this time. So now, we do our best to never let a box go out unquoted. Saturday nights in the summer challenge us to make this a reality and in all honesty, it’s not uncommon for 10 or so per Saturday night in July and August to go out empty, but hey, we do what we can.


We love when people share pictures of their #pizzaboxquotes on Instagram and Facebook. Even better is the customer who didn’t know it was coming and it ends up being one of the highlights of their night. Or friends who text me pictures asking if I wrote the box knowing it was for them and the rough day they were having. Nope. This is the #pizzaboxquotes at work. All knowing, and dishing out just the quote you need. These are the comments that keep us quoting.


So now you know. That’s what’s up with the #pizzaboxquotes. Also, if Sharpie ever reads this and wants to send us an actual truckload of markers, we will be FOREVER GRATEFUL.

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