Fresh, Healthy Pizza Comes to the Outer Banks

the Nags Head Pizza Company story

Nags Head Pizza Company is the child of four partners with diverse backgrounds with two things in common: a love of pizza & calling the Outer Banks home. Lewis, learned how to make pizza in Vermont  10 years ago while teaching kids how to ski at Okemo Mountain. When he returned to the beach from his winter away, his love of artisan pizza stuck with him through other jobs. After dating his now wife, Hilarey (me!), for six years, we married and knew we wanted to start a business together. Enter Steve and Kevin, two friends who were also looking for a work change in their life.

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In starting out, the four of us knew the direction we wanted to go: healthy, fresh, high quality, DIFFERENT. Not wanting to delve down the classic NY style pizza, Lewis created a crust and sauce that is thin, crunchy, and a great canvas for Grande cheese & homemade toppings.


It's important to us that we never try to be anything we are not--we are not Italian and we are not from NY--nor is our pizza. What it is, is 100% us. 100% NHPC. Pure good, whole food made from natural and organic ingredients. 

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The first summer we learned a lot more about the direction we hope take NHPC in. We became even more inclusive regarding dietary restrictions like soy, corn, and peanut allergies, intolerances of gluten, or those who are vegan by necessity or choice. This hits close to home for me as I'm unable to eat dairy, soy or eggs. I've become the driving force behind making sure everyone can find something delicious at NHPC, because everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious slice on the beach.

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In 2018, Lewis and I welcomed Felix to the NHPC fam and with his arrival, various family members stepped in to help us keep the business growing.

Now on any given day its common to find mothers, sons, nieces, and daughters of ours at NHPC, keeping your pizza fresh, your beer cold, and having fun with you and each other along the way.

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