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A job at NHPC isn't just a job...

NHPC isn't just any old restaurant. As owners, we pride ourselves on bringing the freshest ingredients, highest quality foods, and healthy, diverse options into every dish. Because we love GOOD food.

We also love GOOD people. Part of the reason we are in the restaurant business is because we love the community and service aspect of the work. We enjoy providing food and an experience to people who come through our doors. We take pride in serving you, and we appreciate the relationships that are created when  individuals become regulars.


 We understand that restaurant work isn't always the most glamorous, or maybe rewarding, or maybe fun; and that is what we are here to change. Part of the goal of NHPC is to create an environment that we (and our employees) genuinely enjoy being at everyday. And part of that comes with enjoying those you work with.


We don't believe that work is just work, or a job is just a job. We spend hours upon hours upon hours with our co-workers. Hopefully they become our friends. Because our goal is to create an environment that is fun to be a part of, and something that every member of our team contributes to and takes pride in.


We work because we all need to work; but we have fun, because we all need to have fun, too.

If this is something that resonates with you, please come in. Talk to us. Apply. Send us an email. DM us. Learn more. Find out if we area good fit for what you are looking for in your next job. We look forward to meeting you.

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